Mark Manson Interview with David Tian at Aura Dating Academy – “Inside the Players’ Lounge”

The latest interview in the “Inside the Players’ Lounge” series is with my good friend, Mark Manson, who has written some of the very BEST analyses of relationships and mating psychology. Many of his articles have gone seriously viral… and for very good reason.

Just some of the things you’ll learn in this video include:

+ Why learning “pick up” will actually make you worse with women in the long run… and how you can actually make this work FOR you!

+ The MOST IMPORTANT principle in male-female attraction is: “A man’s attractiveness is inversely proportional to his neediness.” What the heck does this mean, and how can this help you get girls without any effort? Watch this video to find out.

+ Getting really hot girls, threesomes, and sex … Getting these can actually make you WORSE with women if you do it the wrong way. Watch this video to find out the right way.

Ok, enough bullets. Just watch the interview. It can change your life:

(Note: We only had one lapel mic that day, so I put it on Mark… which is why he sounds louder in the recording.)

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Models by Mark Manson

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Models by Mark Manson

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How to Gain Weight and Muscle for Skinny Guys: What the Military Can Teach Us

Let’s face it. Guys in Singapore tend to be skinnier than the world average. This is consistent with the rest of the Southeast Asian area, so it wasn’t all that noticeable until recently with the sharp influx of imported, foreign professionals and executives, many from Western countries. While being skinnier is not necessarily a bad thing–especially as you get older, you’ll appreciate that your metabolism is still so high–for men looking to date attractive women, it can make things tougher.

I’ve been coaching in Singapore for almost five years now (and worldwide for even longer), and after talking to a lot of skinny guys looking to bulk up, I’ve found the number one problem preventing them from reaching their goal is that they are… LAZY. Yup, how ironic. The skinny guys are lazy. They’re too lazy to do a little research on google on what to eat when bulking up. They’re too lazy to break their old habits and routines, which resulted in their skinny state in the first place, and stop eating tiny meals with little meat at the hawker centres. They’re too lazy to go to the gym, work hard at the gym, and lift heavy weights. They’re too lazy do a little poking around and order a mass gainer (I mean, how lazy can you be if you keep complaining about how hard it is to gain weight but you haven’t even tried a mass gainer?). So a message to all you skinny guys who want to bulk up: Quit your whining and fix the problem.

Here’s an awesome short post recently posted on the Aura Dating Academy online forum. It’s by KN. He’s a military guy. And I love military guys. My dad was an officer in the Taiwan Army and instilled in me a deep respect for people in the military. They know what it’s like to work hard, push through pain, and inspire others. So without further ado, I give you… KN


So in Aura Apprentice class last week, we got to talking about gaining weight. I said I’d share my experience and here it is.

I’m in the Singapore military, and a while ago, I was sent to train with the US Army. Even more so than the Singapore Army, the US Army is crazy on fitness, so all the guys were real built and cut. At that point in time, I weighed 54kg (~119lb). Goes without saying that I was the single smallest person in the class. Even the US Army ladies were bigger than me.

At some point, I told my Aussie instructor that I wanted to gain 10kg (22lb) of weight. Without being dismissive, he wished me good luck, and told me that was really difficult. Hell, was he right. But I did manage to achieve that target – I came home to Singapore with my weight fluctuating between a lean and muscular 63kg and 65kg (~139lb – 143lb). To cut a long story short, here’s how I did it…


Click here to go the Aura Dating Academy blog to read the rest of the post on: How to Gain Muscle and Weight for Skinny Guys: What the Military Can Teach Us

Christian Hudson in Singapore: Special Seminar on High Value Communication

If you know my story, you’d know that my very first mentor–the man who got me started on my journey of success with women and relationships–was Christian Hudson, who is currently running The Social Man in New York City. He’s been featured in numerous media outlets, including CNN, Psychology Today, Men’s Health, and ABC News.


Well, on March 30-31, 2013, Christian will be in Singapore to offer a unique, special seminar on High Value Communication. This thing is going to be unbelievable, and I’d love for you to be there.

The last time Christian visited Singapore was almost 18 months ago, and we’re not sure when he will visit again. We will NOT be recording this event or turning it into a product. And there are no plans to run the seminar ever again. This is also Christian’s very first live training program in a year. So you will want to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

This event WILL sell out, so I encourage you to watch the short video Christian has made for you, read up on the details, and make your decision ASAP.

Learn more about it by clicking here.

Christian is one of the most experienced dating coaches in the world, a true veteran. I’m living proof that his teachings work.

In his seminar on High Value Communication, some of the lessons we’ll cover include… [Read more…]

Announcing: The New and Improved Weekend Workshop

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What They Never Taught You in School: My 8 Days Magazine Interview

The reporter for 8 Days was the most thoroughly prepared reporter I’ve ever been interviewed by. He distilled my points into 6 Life Lessons. I especially appreciated the sixth lesson, which emphasized that learning how to pick up girls doesn’t bring happiness. Click on the images to enlarge.

Dating Coach David Tian, Ph.D., Interviews Professor Norman Li of SMU (All Parts)

UPDATE: I’ve just uploaded the third and final segment of the interview with Norman Li! Scroll down to view it!

Inside the Players’ Lounge is a series of interviews of top dating coaches and social artists who are Asian, are based in Asia, or have a deep interest in Asia and its women.

In this episode, David Tian, Ph.D., interviews Professor Norman Li of Singapore Management University.

Dr. Norman Li holds a BA in economics from Northwestern University, an MBA in finance from the University of Michigan, and an MA and PhD in social psychology from Arizona State University. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Li worked as an investment consultant in Chicago. He was an Assistant Professor in the psychology department at the University of Texas at Austin before joining Singapore Management University. Dr. Li adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of human behavior, integrating economic concepts and tools, evolutionary theory, and social psychological experimental methodology. To learn more about Norman Li, click here.

Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this first part of the interview include…

* Which two types of men academic research has shown that ALL women around the world–whether in Singapore or the West–really want and are attracted to, even though the women themselves may not be aware of it.

* The harsh reality of the dating world, and what scientific research says that YOU, as a man in Singapore, can do to succeed in dating desirable women.

* How important is money when it comes to attracting women, and what the academic research has concluded about it… and how you can easily use this to your advantage in attracting women, regardless of how rich or poor you are now

* What the latest, cutting edge academic research says about dating and mating, and how almost everybody in Singapore is ignorant and in denial of these facts, and why this matters to you in the Singapore dating world RIGHT NOW.

(If you were not educated in Singapore, please excuse the prolonged explanation of evolutionary psychology and evolution, which you may have learned in your 9th grade science class.)


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this second part of the interview include…

* The 3 personality traits that science has PROVEN enables men to get intimate with a lot more women, and they don’t include confidence or anything else you’re probably thinking of.

* How academic research explains why women are attracted to the “bad boy” and men who are bad for them in the long-term, and how you can benefit from it.

* Why your testosterone level is crucial when it comes to attracting women, and how the academic research explains this.

* What the academic research says about why women want booty calls, and how you can use this to your advantage in dating.


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this final part of the interview include…

+ What the academic research says about whether Singapore girls want rich men and what this means for you as a man in Singapore

+ How important is MONEY in attracting women? Hear the truth about what the academic research says on this.

+ Why it’s ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for you to know what the cutting edge scientific research proves about women who are ovulating. This is especially important if you’re currently in an exclusive relationship.

+ What academic research has concluded that women around the world consider to be the Ideal Man; what women–no matter where they are in the world–really want in a man as a sexual and long-term partner, and how YOU can be that man.

The audience Q&A portion of this interview was spoiled in the filming, so this is the last segment we can show.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think.

Cheers, David

Dating Coach David Tian, Ph.D., Interviews Richard La Ruina (Gambler) of PUA Training: “Inside the Players’ Lounge,” Episode 7, Parts 1-4

It was a real pleasure interviewing Richard when he visited Singapore and the Academy last month.

I don’t like “pick up artists,” but although Richard directs a company called PUA Training, he’s entirely an upstanding guy, grounded and wholesome, and the sort of guy you’d be comfortable introducing to your mom or sister. Like some of the other coaches featured in this series, he’s associated with a company that markets itself as offering “pick up” skills training, but he himself is no longer concerned with picking up women, but rather about improving his long-term relationships, overall lifestyle, and especially lately, boxing and MMA :-)

Inside the Players’ Lounge is a series of interviews of top dating coaches and social artists who are Asian, are based in Asia, or have a deep interest in Asia and its women.

In this episode, I interview Richard La Ruina (Gambler), head of PUA Training, the most prominent dating skills company in the UK.

Richard La Ruina is the author of The Natural Art of Seduction which made the best sellers list, and has been featured on programs for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and plays himself in the upcoming film “We Need to Talk About Kieran”. He has personally led over 120 weekend training events, trained over 100 Residential students, and been a guest speaker at many seduction conferences throughout the world. Visit the PUA Training site here.

Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this 1st part of the interview include…

* Learn how a depressed, unhappy, insecure guy who was bullied and got bad grades in school turned himself into the director of one of the top dating skills companies in the world, PUA Training

* How moving to a different city can help you improve your dating success, and how to get almost all the same advantages while remaining in your home city

* How having flatmates can accelerate your dating success

* What two of the top dating coaches in the world think of “pick up artists” and the “PUA movement”


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this 2nd part of the interview include…

* How you can use overseas travel to improve your dating and social skills

* Whether money makes a difference when it comes to dating women in Singapore or elsewhere in the world, and how YOU can get many of the same benefits and advantages even if you don’t have much money

* What’s the ONE most valuable thing a man can have in the dating world… and it doesn’t cost a penny.

* How you can make your life more exciting and adventurous and the mindset change that will give you that sexy “bad boy” factor that many women find irresistible


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this part of the 3rd interview include…

* What is unique or different about dating in Singapore versus dating in the UK or the USA, and why it’s important to understand these

* Whether talking about sex is taboo in Singapore, and how this can affect your dating life

* How you can learn dating success from Hollywood heart throbs


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this part of the interview include…

* How to use your Facebook profile to help your dating success

* How to have a happy, fulfilling, successful long-term relationship even when you’ve lived like a player for many years

* Whether sleeping with more women can truly bring you happiness

“Art of Conversation” Event on Tuesday, May 8

Note: This is the FINAL time I’ll be teaching the “Art of Conversation” and your LAST chance to attend the “Art of Conversation” event. Register now!

I’m David Tian, Ph.D., Asia’s top dating coach and Executive Director of Singapore Dating Academy: AURA. Dr. David Tian (aka., The Asian Rake). On Tuesday, May 8, I’ll be offering you an exclusive seminar on how YOU can learn the skills to be able to walk into any Singapore hotspot and walk out with a gorgeous new girlfriend, guaranteed. I’m the world’s top specialist in coaching Singapore men how to meet, attract, and date women in Singapore. I am also the only full-time dating coach in Singapore coaching infield. While the other guys are working their day jobs, I am working on becoming an even better dating coach for you. While the other guys are answering to their bosses at work, I am answering clients’ dating questions all day and night. While the other guys are concerning themselves with upcoming projects at their day jobs, I am concerning myself with getting YOU the results you want in your dating and love life.

  • Do you ever become so self-conscious and anxious around beautiful women that your palms get sweaty and your mind goes completely blank?
  • Have you seen your ideal woman walk by on Orchard Road, but you had no idea how to even approach her, so you watched her disappear from your life forever?
  • Are you ever so nervous at the mere thought of talking to a beautiful girl that you’ve experienced any of these symptoms: your heart is racing, your breathing is constricted, or your feet feel like lead?

If so, then you’ll want to sign up for this FREE seminar right now!

After traveling the world, living on 3 continents in several countries, and successfully managing up to 7 “girlfriends” at a time, I went from being a total geek to dating beautiful women you’ve seen on magazine covers, TV, and billboards.

No matter how tough the dating world is for you right now, you don’t have to rely on getting lucky, being good-looking, or being rich… You can actually learn this secret SYSTEM for attracting women, just like I did.

When I first moved to Singapore in 2008, I was frequently featured in the local media. And that quickly led to a flood of requests for advice and coaching.

And I’m now offering a special seminar that’s complimentary for you if you RSVP. Other guys have paid $500 and more for a seminar like this, but if you get on the guest-list, you’ll get this free!

Some of the lessons you’ll learn at this seminar include…

  • 3 exercises to develop your conversation skills and learn how to talk to women in a way that makes them feel attraction for you (You can start doing them right away, and see results FAST)
  • How to start a conversation with a woman in any situation, even shy Singaporean girls.
  • How to communicate that YOU’RE the one doing the selecting… instead of leaving that to women.
  • How to finally get off of your butt and start living life in the best and most fulfilling way possible.
  • and much more.

Seats are limited, so get in while you can.

Date: Tuesday, May 8

Time: 7:00-10:30 PM

Location: Within easy walking distance of a central, downtown MRT station. The exact location will only be sent to those who RSVP using the form below.


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We will send further event details to those who have RSVP’ed using the form above.

Seating is limited. Once we reach capacity, we’ll have to start placing people on a waiting list. So act now, and fill out the form.

Here’s one of the many thank-you messages I’ve received after a seminar:

“Hey there, i just wanted to let Mr David know that i tried the opener he gave during the free seminar and it worked. I was really wow! I got the girl number and have been going out with her for awhile now… I said the opener just like how Mr David taught and the outcome was exactly what Mr David told us would happen. She giggled. This is the first time I’ve ever approached a girl and ask for her number. Mr David, you are the sh*t. Thank you.” –Izhar from Singapore

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

I’m looking forward to welcoming you!

You can read more about me on my bio at the Dr. Asian Rake blog and on my bio at the Aura Dating Academy website. You can also learn more about the Aura Dating Academy of which I am currently serving as Master Mentor.

Do yourself a favour.

Get it done. Get it handled.

Best, David

Dating Coach David Tian, Ph.D., Interviews Future of Love Systems: “Inside the Players’ Lounge,” Episode 6, Parts 1-3

Inside the Players’ Lounge, Episode 6, Parts 1-3

Inside the Players’ Lounge is a series of interviews of top dating coaches and social artists who are Asian, are based in Asia, or have a deep interest in Asia and its women.

In this episode, David Tian, Ph.D., interviews Future (real name: Thompson), the most senior coach at one of the biggest dating skills companies in the world, Love Systems. Based in NYC, Thompson travels frequently to Asia and offers bootcamps in Singapore. Check out this no-holds-barred interview, which was conducted in front of a packed, standing-room only audience in Singapore.

Thompson is the senior-most instructor with Love Systems. His years of experience and hilarious classroom style translate to an invigorating and inspiring nighttime workshop. I’ve been a big fan of Thompson’s for many years now, ever since I started following his blog back in 2007, and I’m excited to have him share his expertise with you on the “Inside the Players’ Lounge” series. To read his bio on the Love Systems site, go here. To check out his personal blog, go here.

Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this first part of the interview include…

* Why using pick-up artist (PUA) terms, names, and “handles” can be detrimental to actually improving your dating skills with women

* How an anti-social, introverted, negative young man, who had proposed marriage to his girlfriend in response to her cheating on him three times, finally turned his life around to become the most senior coach in the international dating skills company Love Systems

* How having a SYSTEM and a STRUCTURE for approaching and attracting women can make all the difference

* What Future really thinks about his old teacher Mystery and some other dating coaches, like Matador

* The real story behind the take-down of Future’s incredibly instructive but also infamous personal blog

Part 1


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this second part of the interview include…

* How fear and your relationship to fear can propel you to success in dating and life

* How to use adversity and failure to make you better with women

* The most effective attitude to take toward your competition in dating and in life

* Why what you went through in National Service (NS) can actually get you better results in dating and how you can call on that any time to get the girls you want

* How to deal with insults and challenges and use them to make you even more attractive to women

Part 2


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this third part of the interview include…

* How differences in culture between Asia and “the West” impact and affect your results in dating Asian women

* How to attract Asian women who don’t speak English well or at all

* How various sides of your identity–including being a video game fanatic–can work together to make you much more attractive to women

* How you can use the science of mirror neurons and micro-expressions to naturally and easily make a girl feel how you feel, including sexual attraction

* How using the science of Flow (Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience) helps you meet and attract women effortlessly

* Important differences in the way that Asian men and men in Asia learn dating skills, and why if you’re an Asian man wanting to get better with women, you absolutely need to know these facts about yourself and your culture

* Why you need to come to terms with the concept of “face” (mianzi) and learn how to handle it to improve with women

* Why if you’re Asian or living in Asia, you need to learn the 3 F’s right away

Part 3

To watch the rest of this interview (parts 4-5) with Future of Love Systems, click here.

Dating Coach Dr. Asian Rake David Interviews DJ Fuji: Inside the Players’ Lounge, Episode 5, Parts 1-5

Inside the Players’ Lounge, Episode 5, Parts 1-5

Inside the Players’ Lounge is a series of interviews of top dating coaches and social artists who are Asian, are based in Asia, or have a deep interest in Asia and its women.

In this episode, David Tian, Ph.D., (Dr. Asian Rake) interviews another of the world’s top Asian dating coaches, DJ Fuji (Darren). DJ Fuji is a social arts instructor and life/lifestyle coach dedicated to changing the lives of his clients. You may have seen him on the Dr. Phil show, as the recipient of the “Best New Speaker” award at the Global PUA Summit in Hollywood, a keynote speaker at The 21 Convention in Orlando, or featured in the New York Times. His students are notorious for being virgins or among the toughest cases in the industry and yet with his help, they consistently break long dating dry spells and lose 30+ years of virginity within a very short period of time. Over the years, DJ Fuji has helped thousands of students transform their lives and expand their options with women, find girlfriends, and even get married. To learn more about DJ Fuji, check out:

Some of the lessons you’ll learn in Part 1 of the interview include…

* How a very short Asian guy (5’4″ or 1.62 m) became one of the world’s most effective dating coaches

* How DJ Fuji (Darren) went from being an introverted computer geek who literally had girls fleeing from him to becoming a charming ladies’ man

* The real reasons why DJ Fuji quit his promising IT career to become a dating and life coach, and why Dr. David Tian quit his tenure-track professorship to lead other men to success in life and love

* Why DJ Fuji slept in his office every night for a year and how that helped him improve with women

* Why most guys who try to improve their dating skills end up quitting too soon, and how you can avoid this and stay motivated enough to succeed


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in Part 2 of the interview include…

* When is the best time in your life to get social coaching and why

* Why you should continue standing there with the girl even when–or especially when–you run out of things to say, and how this habit could make a huge difference in how fast you get better in dating

* Why athletes often respond really well to coaching and how you can improve with women just as fast, even if you’re not an athlete

* How your lifestyle affects not just your ability to attract women but also your ability to improve your dating skills and what you can do about it right now


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in Part 3 of the interview include…

* How senior, veteran dating coaches view the coaching process and why this should matter to you

* What distinguishes the top dating coaches from the other guys who think they’re good with women and start websites to advertise coaching

* How DJ Fuji became known as the “go-to” guy for really tough cases, like those with mental disorders


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in Part 4 of the interview include…

* How to turn your Asian identity into one of your biggest assets

* Why Asian men often have trouble with assertiveness and why that matters in dating

* Why conservative Asian attitudes towards sex and sexuality can lead Asian men to feel a lot of fear and shame with regard to sex, and how this is a huge turn-off to women

* How being passive, asexual, and a pushover is NOT part of elite Asian culture, and why so many people are misled into thinking that these disadvantages are inherent in being a good Asian

* How being assertive, sexual, and dominant are all characteristics of elite Asian men and have been throughout Asian history

* How you can overcome your limiting beliefs regarding race, height, or whatever


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this part of the interview include…

* Powerful but easy listening techniques to supercharge attraction in women during conversations. If you’re not doing them or are doing them wrong, you’re probably turning women off before you’re even aware of it.

* An easy, natural way to always come up with things to say in conversations so that you’re never again at a loss for words when talking to a hot girl

* Secret techniques to becoming more extroverted in unfamiliar social settings

* Proven strategies for SPONTANEOUSLY coming up with great things to say when approaching women

Stay tuned for more great interviews in “Inside the Players’ Lounge.” If you liked these videos, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here!