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On being a lover who is “Ethical”

I call myself an “ethical” lover for important reasons. 1) Practical: If my employer were ever to discover my blog and match it to my identity, I’d want them to know that I wasn’t doing anything illegal or sleazy or immoral. In fact, if anything, I am doing all this seduction stuff for the very […]

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Thank You!

Hey there, Thank you for subscribing to special announcements about events and coaching in East Asia and Southeast Asia. If you live in these parts, don’t be a stranger; write in. My team and I travel frequently all around Asia, so we may have a chance to meet up soon. If you’re in Singapore, we […]

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Realism and Goal-setting

Last week, I met a good college friend here in Toronto for burritos and a couple of pints of beer, always a good combination. He’s my age, with a wife and a little girl. He’s also a pastor of a mainline Protestant church in a Toronto suburb. Just to give you some background, he’s a […]

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First Ever Post

Hey guys, Welcome to this blog that I’ve been meaning to start for some time now. I’m starting this blog tonight because my head is bursting with thoughts that I absolutely need to express. I was going to continue writing a diary on my computer, but I thought a blog would be better b/c I […]

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Application Confirmation

Thank you very much for your application. There’s a confirmation email waiting for you in your email inbox. So just click on the link in that, and then you’re all set! Connect with you again real soon! Best, David.

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Got It!

Cool, your email address is confirmed.  Looking forward to communicating more with you. In the meantime, make sure that you learn about my friend, John Tan’s Power of Being Asian course… it is the most powerful way to harness your Asian identity, culture, and heritage to get you amazing women in your life. Play on, […]

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Subscription Confirmation

Thanks man, got your subscription.  There is a confirmation email waiting for you.  Please go ahead and check for it; you’ll be taken right back to my site once you are confirmed. Happy Playin’ The Asian Rake

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Thank You for Registering!

Thank you for your registration for the upcoming event. You will receive venue information and other details by email prior to the event date. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact me: support “at” I look forward to welcoming you! All the best, David Tian, Ph.D.

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Check your inbox for your Culture Book

Thank you so much for requesting a copy of our Culture Book. Please check your inbox for the download link. All the best, David

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