How to Speak Better and Get the Girl

My latest article on Amped Asia. You can see it on their site here. I reference some videos and have added a couple of the clips below for your convenience. If the words in the jpgs below are too small, you can right-click the image and enlarge it separately.

How to Improve Your Verbal Skills to Help Your Dating Life

Question from fan Brian: How do you improve your verbal skills? Some people are just not as gifted with their words as others, especially for us Asian guys who grew up speaking an Asian language at home.

[Edit: The youtube clip from Eyes Wide Shut just got blocked by Warner. Go figure. That clip was great as there was also some great alpha male body language and movement by Cruise (being more like his natural self) in the 3rd minute of this clip, which gradually disappears as the rest of the long movie progresses and Cruise’s character loses self-confidence. Let me know if you find a new clip of the same part of the movie.]

Sorry the video is no longer available on Youtube…

So there you have it. Speak slower. Diversify your vocabulary. And free your mind to be in the moment without self-censoring.

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Wayne says March 28, 2011

awesome tips AR! thanks for posting those videos too! i really liked the one from eyes wide shut

Asian Rake David says March 28, 2011

Thanks, Wayne. I refer to the Hungarian guy a lot so I thought I might as well get the clip up!

Khiem says April 9, 2011

I loved your tips! I should have read your blog before I wrote mine on “how to keep conversations going.” That would have saved me a lot of trouble hahaha

David, you are the best! I haven’t been on your site in a while but you always have great content my man!

Asian Rake David says April 10, 2011

Hey Khiem,
Great to hear from ya, buddy!

And very glad to see you blogging regularly again! I always enjoy hearing your insights 🙂

And thanks for the kind words. Right back atcha!

Hunter says January 31, 2012

Now I know why Russell Brand is married to Katy Perry! This guy really can talk shit that’s funny and don’t make any sense! Haha!

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