How Can Delayed Gratification & Willpower Help in Dating?

I’m planning to start a series of video blogs giving quick tips on dating, and considering how most of the attraction material available is for audiences in the West, I’m going to draw from my experiences in Singapore and Asia as examples.

This is my very first attempt, literally. I sat down in front of the flip cam several months ago, when I first had this idea, pressed “record” and just started talking. I figured if that approach worked for Gary Vaynerchuck, it might work for me… the jury’s still out. What do you think?

I’m hoping the production value will increase over time ๐Ÿ˜›

In this video, I explain the integral role of Willpower in getting better at anything hard, including getting better with women and social skills in general. I introduce the concept of Delayed Gratification as a good way of thinking about this. The famous Stanford study I cite is this one. My thoughts on this came from trying to figure out why some students got really good really fast, while others, receiving the exact same instruction and starting from basically the same level, took a longer time. There’s a lot more to say, but I thought I should keep it short for now as I figure out this whole video blogging medium.


And if you haven’t already, do check out the details on the upcoming Essentials of Dating program.

Cheers, David

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Johnny says November 19, 2010

so great to see you posting more now. love that you’re doing videos, too! it feels more personalized.

Asian Rake David says November 21, 2010

Hey Johnny,
Thanks! More on the way!

Seng Han says November 23, 2010

Fantastic vids David, very informative and educational, keep ’em coming!

Asian Rake David says November 24, 2010

Hey Seng Han,
Thanks! Glad you like ’em!

Josh says November 30, 2010


You and JT Tran are my heroes. I hope to one day – when I have the money – to learn from you guys. How long do you think you’ll continue coaching for? And will you be coming to Toronto any time soon?

Keep up the good work.

– Josh.

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