Excellent Movies for Modelling Sexually Attractive Male Behaviours

NOTE: I continue to update this list here at this post, so bookmark this post!


I used movie scenes a lot in my visualization exercises (no, not that kind of visualization…). Eventually, I’ll put up actual clips. But for now, I’ll post here the movie titles, and you can google them yourself.


In my mind, I have them mostly organized by actor so that’s how my list will be mainly organized. So here they are in alphabetical order by surname.


I will probably add to this list as I think of more, so check back. Also I welcome your feedback 🙂


-Javier Bardem in Vicky Cristina Barcelona


-James Bond (pretty much any of these movies; the scene by Craig on the train sitting across from the female agent is excellent)


-George Clooney in the Ocean’s series


-Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Days of Thunder. Collateral. Do NOT emulate him in Eyes Wide Shut, though the Hungarian guy’s tonality in EWS is fantastic.


-Johnny Depp in the Pirates series in how he flirts with the female lead. Don Juan de Marco. The Libertine


-Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans


-Leonard DiCaprio in The Aviator early scenes. The Departed vulnerability scenes.


-Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man


-David Duchovny in Californication


-Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones movies, Star Wars trilogy


-Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind


-Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. The Place Beyond the Pines. Gangster Squad.


-Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs


-Ethan Hawke in Before Sunrise. Before Sunset.


-Jude Law in Alfie


-John Malkovitch in Dangerous Liaisons


-Jack Nicholson in The Witches of Eastwick


-Clive Owen in Elizabeth


-Robert Pattinson for the tortured “artist” archetype in the Twilight series.


-Ryan Phillipe in Cruel Intentions


-Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Meet Joe Black. Ocean’s series)


-Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder


-Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 Weeks


-Campbell Scott in Rodger Dodger


-Will Smith in Hitch early scenes.


-Vince Vaughn in Swingers. Wedding Crashers


-Bruce Willis in Color of Night


-Anything with Russell Brand is money.


Also, these movies aren’t great for modeling, per se, but for their overarching themes:
Tao of Steve (Be desireless. Be excellent. Be gone.)
Can’t Buy Me Love (power of social proof, especially within social circles)
Good Will Hunting (good psychological exploration)
Ferriss Bueller’s Day Off (importance of being easygoing, spontaneous, adventurous)

Btw, yes, I’m still working hard on those writing projects.


Play on, The Asian Rake

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Johnny says February 23, 2010

Awesome, dude. Been waiting for your next post!

Casey says February 23, 2010

My personal favorite is David Duchovny as Hank Moody in Californication. The man’s a genius.

Asian Rake David says February 24, 2010

Hey Johnny, thanks as always!

Hey Casey, you’re right. Can’t believe I forgot that one.

matrix says February 24, 2010

Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball is great.

hermes says March 3, 2010

That’s cool! I’d like to add to that list Bruce Willis in Moonlighting – there are so many scenes, that I can’t choose the best of it. And there is one scene, that I watched many times, in ‘Color of night’, it’s only a second long, somewhere between 8th and 9th minute, where he looks at a woman, that apparently likes him, and he turns his head toward her slowly, looks at her neutrally for awhile then smiles slowly, and the look and the smile say ‘I know you want me’ so eloquently.

And from your list I especially like Brad Pit in ‘Meet Joe Black’ and Mickey Rourke in ‘9 1/2 Weeks’. I guess these are what is closest to what I want my archetype to be, although I’m rather short. So as a suggestion to you, wouldn’t it be cool if you try and describe every one of these as of what’s the type of the character, maybe according to the 8 personality types of David Deangelo, or point out with more detail what qualities each of these present and how they show it. I know it’s a bit of work but maybe little by little.

Asian Rake David says March 3, 2010

Hey Matrix,
I agree with you on Dodgeball.

Hey Hermes,
Thanks for pointing out Bruce Willis. Yes, he’s another one, especially in Color of Night. I haven’t seen that movie in soo long.

Excellent excellent suggestions. In fact, I’ve been planning to do something like that for over a year, haha, posting short clips of the key scenes (because no one has the time to watch whole movies again and again) and explaining what I see and what aspects of the characters I’m modeling. But finding the time for this is another matter…perhaps I can outsource most of the busy work… PM if anyone’s interested 🙂

Rainmaker says July 29, 2010

Jack Nicholson in “Wolf” is also excellent. He transforms from beta to alpha after he’s bitten by a werewolf.

The scene where he takes control of the frame from a bitchy Michelle Pfieffer at her house is outstanding.

Nish says December 31, 2013

You forgot to mention one movie – “THE SAINT”

Suraj says April 26, 2015

I think Roger Dodger (Campbell Scott) should have been on that list too and the TV series SUITS (Harvey Specter)

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