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Mark Manson Interview with David Tian at Aura Dating Academy – “Inside the Players’ Lounge”

The latest interview in the “Inside the Players’ Lounge” series is with my good friend, Mark Manson, who has written some of the very BEST analyses of relationships and mating psychology. Many of his articles have gone seriously viral… and for very good reason. Just some of the things you’ll learn in this video include: […]

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Dating Coach David Tian, Ph.D., Interviews Richard La Ruina (Gambler) of PUA Training: “Inside the Players’ Lounge,” Episode 7, Parts 1-4

It was a real pleasure interviewing Richard when he visited Singapore and the Academy last month. I don’t like “pick up artists,” but although Richard directs a company called PUA Training, he’s entirely an upstanding guy, grounded and wholesome, and the sort of guy you’d be comfortable introducing to your mom or sister. Like some […]

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Singapore “Dating Coach” Xavier See and Troy Dizon: When Failure Begets Failure

This bit of news is HILARIOUS. But I doubt my readership outside Singapore will care much about this one, so I’ll keep it short. The sub-title says it all: When failure begets failure. I was just forwarded these links today, though I’m late to this news, it seems. I wasn’t surprised. Those in Singapore might […]

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