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How to Speak Better and Get the Girl

My latest article on Amped Asia. You can see it on their site here. I reference some videos and have added a couple of the clips below for your convenience. If the words in the jpgs below are too small, you can right-click the image and enlarge it separately. How to Improve Your Verbal Skills […]

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How to Use Humour to Attract Women

This is my latest article on Amped Asia. You can check out my article on “How to Use Humor to Attract Women” here. I’ve reproduced it below for your convenience. If the jpegs are too small, click on them, and that will enlarge them for you in a new browser. As always, comments are welcome! […]

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How to Practice Approaching Even in Close Knit Social Circles

Just published another Amped Asia article. Lance and his team are doing some valuable work over there for the cause of Asian minorities, especially Asian guys, so I’m more than happy to help out. My latest article deals with what you can do to practice your skills in approaching and attracting women, even when you’re […]

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