Believability: The Key to Elite Game

Believability becomes the determining issue when you have your fundamentals down, that is, when your body language and tonality are solid and when you have a strong sense of your identity and your own value.

For me, I don’t think much about social value these days. I try to live my life the way I want, going for the goals I feel are important to myself, and giving it my best. Value is relative (a subject of another upcoming post). So I don’t bother actively to demonstrate higher value. It’s not something I do. I just am. At this point, believability really becomes THE most important issue, in my experience. That’s why I call it the key to ELITE game.

I’ve found that whenever I explain “attainability” to guys, I get a puzzled expression, like they’re thinking, Uh, why on earth would she think she couldn’t attain ugly ol’ me?

Believability gets at the issue of whether the girl feels she can believe your sincerity, that you really do mean what you say in your compliments and verbal rewards, and that your touch escalations make sense emotionally.

She does not need to believe that you want to have sex with her. Every hot girl will automatically think that she can attain sex from you. That’s not what’s in question.

What she craves to know is that you appreciate her for being more than just a sex object.

How do you achieve this? There are two kinds of content and two methods.

The two kinds of CONTENT:
1. Personality characteristics
2. Physical qualities

Note: You might think that #2 contradicts what I just said about appreciating her for being more than just another sex object. But what #2 gets at is that she is not JUST ANOTHER sexy girl. She must be the most sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, or whatever, girl you’ve seen all day, week, month, or ever. That is, she is not just another girl from whom you just want sex. If you tell her that you think she is so beautiful that you had to stop her and tell her so, then you had better be thinking to yourself that she really is so beautiful that you’d do something as bold as that (though you do this relatively often b/c the world has an abundance of beautiful women). This is of course applicable to direct style and aggressive sexual escalation. Obviously, it is best and most effective when everything you are saying is TRUE. That’s Genuine Game.

The two METHODS:
a. Verbal believability
b. Physical believability

I’m going to go through the two kinds of content first and along the way, point out how you can use the two methods for each kind of content.


The most straightforward way of doing this is to use a two-step process. The first step is Screening, and the second step is Qualifying.

I like to say that S&Q is my bread and butter. S&Q is the only technique I am conscious of during an interaction these days.

Screening & Qualifying done properly:
-Shows that you genuinely have high standards.
-Allows her to earn your attention and affection for her non-physical qualities.
-Shows that you appreciate her for her special characteristics and for meeting your high standards.

First, you should have reflected on what you’re looking for in a woman. I know almost all of you know what kind of physical traits you want. The funny thing is, almost every time I ask a guy what he’s looking for in a woman, the first (and only) things he tells me are her physical traits — how tall she is, her bust, waist, and hip measurements, her hair color, yada yada. Dude, this is one of those reasons why you don’t have a girlfriend yet. Sure, I have a pretty good picture of my ideal physical woman. But what we’re after here are her non-physical qualities. Otherwise, you’re just the next creepy guy.

Think of at least five non-physical traits and write them down. To give you an example, I’ll give you an abbreviated version of my current list.

The bad girl character traits I like:
Open-minded. Non-judgmental. Non-jealous. Non-possessive. A girl who gs with her feelings. Spontaneous. Adventurous in life. Sexually adventurous. Independent.

The good girl character traits I like:
Loyal. Mature. Cultured. Sophisticated. Caring. Affectionate. Responsible. Understanding.

I look for a girl who combines the bad and good girl character traits. The more the better! In addition, at the moment, I’m also looking for the following more personalized qualities.

-Loves East Asian culture, especially its movies, art, music, history, fashion, and food (the last is a deal-breaker)!
-Loves to travel and experience new cultures
-Appreciates the arts and has some artistic talent (dance, drama, music, visual arts)
-Passionate about life and is a positive and optimistic person in general
-Compassionate and a strong sense of right and wrong, good and bad
-I’ll omit the rest; you get the idea.

These are just examples of what I screen for. You should come up with your own list. That means you’ll actually have to pause and reflect for a minute or two.

Take a moment to do it right now. Reflect and write down at least five non-physical traits you want in your ideal woman.

For you to pull this off properly, you should genuinely want these qualities in a woman. It’s really up to you how much you’re willing to compromise on any of them. For me, she would have to be insanely hot for me to compromise on any of the above.

This is NOT merely a technique. This is a whole frame of mind. It includes what others have called a SCREENING FRAME. You’re in the position of the evaluator, the judge, the referee. You should have this frame throughout the interaction, from the approach to the close and over the long-term.

In fact, this should be your frame in life, not just with women, but with everyone. You should be a man of high standards, who knows what he’s looking for in women, in friends, in a job, in colleagues, employees, etc.

Here’s the technique, with props to Sebastian Drake upon whose teachings I am building here.


A. Verbal
These can be in the form of either statements or questions. In general, statements are better and stronger than questions. Contextualize your statements and questions. Don’t just ask or say them out of the blue. For example, talk about a time when you or your friends were X before you ask her how X she is.

These should roll off your tongue as if they’re the sort of things you say or ask everybody you talk to.

You can do this as questions or as statements. Examples:
-I like X.
-Being X is really important to me. It’s something I really like about so-and-so friend.
-All my friends are X. Hmm, you seem X. Am I right?
-You strike me as an X person. You’re X, aren’t you?
-I can tell you’re very X. But are you Y as well?
-Are you more X or Y? You’re not Y, right?
-[After talking passionately about some travel-related topic,] I say, So where do you like to travel? (this is a positive presumption which implies that she ds in fact travel; credit: Juggler)
-You have that artistic air about you/You look artistic. What kind of art do you do? (again, positive presumption; credit: Juggler)
-All my friends are adventurous. It’s something I look for in new friends. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done recently?
-Uh, you don’t get jealous easily do you?

B. Physical
You want her to put some work into her answers. You’re aiming for a 50-50 workload here. Actually, the more she talks, the better. After you make the statement or ask the question, pause and hold the tension. Freeze your body language, and look at her expectantly. Lean back a little as if you are judging her and are a little skeptical that she will have a good answer. After all, you have high standards. Apply social pressure with your expectant silence. High-value people expect others to answer their questions and respond to their statements.

If she dsn’t give you anything after you pause, resist the urge to fill the silence with babbling. Look away or withdraw your body language slightly to let her know she’s losing you. Then slowly turn back to her if you want to give her another chance.

I usually give a girl three strikes before I move on. It’s up to you how much you’re willing to compromise on your standards. Remember, though, it’s much more powerful if your standards are genuine. I’ve had plenty of girls that I’ve nexted come find me later in the night because they were so impressed because I held to my standards and walked away.

If she gives you a great answer, which she should if you did this right, you should reward her, which brings us to step two.


A. Verbal
You now give her a verbal reward. I like to sprinkle in the word friend (credit: Sebastian Drake on the counter-intuitive use of friends).

– Wow, you really are X. I like that.
– Mmm. You’re so X.
– It’s really cool to hang out with such an X girl.
– Wow, you’re so X. Cool.
– You’re so X. I love it.

– Okay, okay, you’re X. You can be my friend now.
– I love having such an X friend.
– You really are X. I’m glad we can be friends.
– So you are X. You’re just like all my friends!
– Man, you are X. It’s great to become friends with you.
– Geez, you’re just like my friend Jennifer.
– You remind me of a lot of my friends. You’re so X too!

By rewarding her after she meets your screen, you are verbally escalating. Another way to put this is that you are escalating on her high points. If you stack enough of these screens followed by qualifications, pretty soon, the girl will be begging you to escalate big time.

If you feel that she isn’t taking the compliment well, you should release her from her discomfort by injecting a backhand rejection” or takeaway. Here are the backhand rejections I use.

– But don’t get a big head, or I’ll have to spank you maybe I’ll do it anyway.
– I knew this would happen. I’d compliment you. You’d get a big head. And then I’d regret it.
– Too bad you’re not my type.
– But you’re too cold/arrogant, etc.
– Back-turn.

B. Physical
Your verbal rewards and escalations should be accompanied by touch rewards and escalations. Start off small. Give her a friendly squeeze on the outside of her elbow or her outside thigh. Pull her in for a big hug. Look deeply into her eyes with a puppy dog where have you been all my life? look.

Basically here, you use S&Q as reasons for your touch escalation.

You screen her. She passes. You verbally reward her with qualifications while also physically rewarding her with touch escalation. It all makes sense to her rationally and emotionally. She’s earned your affections and now she gets to collect her rewards.

To give you a better idea of how this would work, here’s an excerpt. Notice how I hold off on my approval until she gives me something worth rewarding:

[A minute into the interaction, I say, it’s great to be back in town.] Me: I just got back from backpacking through southwest China. We were in Sichuan and trying to get Tibet, but with all the rioting there, they wouldn’t let us in. Had a blast, though So where do you like to travel? [looking at her expectantly]

Hot Babe (hereafter HB): Oh, I like southeast Asia.

Me: Cool. Which part?
(notice she gave me so little, so I only gave her a one-word answer)

HB: Uh Thailand!

Me: Nice. So what do you like so much about Thailand?
(again, a one-word answer deserves a one-word reward. Expect more.)

HB: Oh, I don’t know.

[Me, holding the silence and tension while leaning back with a skeptical look.] Me: Well, a lot of guys like Thailand for all the cheap sex. I’m assuming that’s not why you like it.

HB: Haha, no.

Me (smiling): ˜Cause if it was, that’s okay, too. I’m not judging.

HB: Haha, no.

[Me, looking at her expectantly.]

HB: Oh, I loved the beaches. We spent the whole week on these beaches that were almost completely deserted. What a nice change from the crowded beaches in China.
(wow, this is a lot. So many possible threads to take here.)

Me: That’s awesome. My best friend was there last month, and she showed me all these awesome photos of them scuba-diving. It looked absolutely beautiful. What was the most adventurous thing you did while you were there?

HB: Uh, oh, yeah. We took a little boat out to explore the small islands off the coast. And then we went diving off the boat. We were swimming with the fish!

Me: Damn, you’re like adventure-girl! I like that you about you. Gimme the rock, HB!

[HB gives me the rock and smiles big-time]

Me: You’re really making me want to explore Thailand now. The closest I’ve been is Bali. You know Bali? [wait for the nod] The beaches there were divine, and the surf’s awesome! [HB nods vigorously]

HB: Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard!

Me: I went surfing for the first time there, and I totally wiped out, like over and over and over.

HB: Hey, me too! Well, I was in Thailand, but yeah, surfing’s a lot harder than it looks.

Me: Hey, if you like southeast Asia, you must have been to Singapore.

HB: No, not yet, but I really want to.

Me: Cool. I was just there a few weeks ago. Man, it’s like a food-lover’s paradise! I haven’t had so many different kinds of curries in one place before.

HB: Oh, I’ve heard. I love curry. That’s all we ate in Thailand.

Me: Thai curries are so diverse. Yellow curry, green curry, red curry, and they’re all sweet and spicy at the same time!

HB: I know, I love it!

Me: Wow, you’re an adventurous eater, too! That’s cool. Mmm, okay, you pass. [Pull her in for a big hug.] We can be friends now. [big smile]

This girl opened up after just a little bit of probing. It can get more complex depending on the type of girl. In the near future, I’ll write an article describing Challenge Screening, a slightly more advanced technique, which I’ve used to great effect on pretentious girls who often think they have higher social status, like models, actresses, rich girls, and the like.

NEW EDIT: Remember to transition from platonic qualifications to sexual ones later on. See my post on How to Project a Sexual Vibe for more on this.

In most cases, you will probably want to escalate on non-physical qualities. But if the girl is already into you, or her buying temperature is already quite high, you can screen and qualify her on her physical qualities and touch escalate very rapidly.

Since you’re screening her on physical qualities, you don’t need to ask any questions. Just by looking at her, you can tell whether she’s passed the screen. Duh. So basically, it’s all about how you qualify her.

I first learned this kind of escalation from Natural-MD.

A. Verbal
Your compliments should be over the top.

– OMG, that red shirt is making your breasts look really luscious right now. It should be a crime to wear that.
– Stop looking at me like that. You’re making me really turned on no, stop it really.
– OMG, your lips are so sexy. You have no idea how hard it is for me not to kiss you right now.
– There’s something about you I can’t figure it out But I just can’t resist touching you here and here and here¦

Again, calibrate. If she’s uncomfortable, make sure you pull back and use backhand rejections. See above.

You can also excuse yourself by saying:
Okay, okay. I’ve got high standards. You can’t just take over my brain like this. Stop it. I’m not that easy.

B. Physical
Of course, the whole point of this kind of screening and qualification is to escalate touch really fast. So be bold. This takes balls. And very solid inner game.

With each verbal escalation, you should be touching her in the relevant places. If you’re qualifying her on her lips, grab her face with your two palms and kiss her. If you’re complimenting her breasts, motion over her breasts. If you’re talking about her ass, slap her ass. Basically, using this kind of escalation, you can get to a makeout in a matter of minutes. And then you can dial down the sexual tension, since it’s hard to sustain for long periods, by connecting verbally before ramping up the physical believability again.

With the kind of over-the-top verbal qualifications you’re giving her, your physical escalations must be just as over-the-top! When you say she’s just so amazingly gorgeous that you had to stop and meet her, you should be as wide-eyed and mesmerized as you would if you were talking to the woman of your dreams.

Act as if you can’t control yourself, that you know it’s against social propriety to slap her ass (or whatever), but that you just can’t help it, and that you’re trying really hard to stop. And that it’s all her fault for causing you to lose control because she’s just so damned hot. You’re just over the edge of self-control here.

When doing a direct approach like, Hi, I saw you walking by, and I just wanted to say, I think you are beautiful And I wanted to come over to meet you, I like to seem overwhelmed by her beauty. My eyes are wide open with a d-like expression (they’re probably dilated too), my stance is lilting as if I’m almost going to faint, and while my voice is clear, I don’t hesitate to add a little trembling.

BUT once I’ve approached, I’ve always still got the SCREENING FRAME, as if at any moment, she could say something stupid and fail my non-physical screens, and I’ll lose my attraction for her and have to next her. Btw, this is genuine.

There’s not that much technique to building believability on physical qualities. It’s pretty straight-forward. It’s the mental and emotional state and frame that carry the day.

So there you have it.

Believability is about whether she can believe that you like her as more than just a sex object, that she won’t be just another notch on your bedpost.

The easiest way to do this is to compliment her on her non-physical traits, but you can also give her over-the-top compliments on her physical qualities. Remember that these always work best when they’re genuine.

By doing this, you can escalate touch very very fast. Stack the screens and qualifications one on top of the other, and boom, she’ll be yours before you know it.

Happy playin’,
Asian Rake David.

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