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How to Create Attraction–The Right Way (Podcast Interview)

I just did this intense podcast interview with Alec Chase over at Men’s Dating Mastery. In this interview, some of the points we cover include how neuroscience can help your sex life, how to cultivate emotional strength, how to express yourself honestly, solutions to the challenges faced by Asian men dating in the West, and…a […]

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Singapore’s Best Dating Blogs by Aura Academy Members

Some Aura Academy members have started their own blogs! And I highly recommend you check them out, not only as a way of seeing how some of our current members are progressing and what they’re thinking and doing but also to get amazingly insightful perspectives by local Singaporeans on meeting, attracting, and succeeding with women […]

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My Policy on LRs

Was just alerted by a friendly reader that my old post on “My Policy on LRs” had disappeared. It must have happened when we transitioned to the new site. So I’m writing a new one. Because my real name and photo are now linked to my online handle, I will do my best to protect […]

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Nick Sparks and Christian Hudson are the real deal

I’ve been delinquent with the updates as not only have I been guest instructing on a weekend bootcamp, including instruction on Saturday until the wee wee hours of the morning (we aren’t kidding when we say we put our clients first), but I’ve also been visiting my little sister who lives here in the Big […]

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Chillaxin’ with Adam Lyons and Amanda

Last weekend, I hung out with Adam Lyons (aka., AFCAdam) and his sexy girlfriend, Amanda, in Toronto. Going out in TO is a nice change for me because usually when I’m in Toronto, my schedule is packed visiting family and catching up with old friends. Btw, there is still a spot available on the July […]

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