Was the whole relationship FAKED?

Just got this amazingly well-written and lucid email from my friend, Michael Fiore (click here to learn more about what he offers.)

It is so good, in fact, that I’m compelled to reproduce it here for your benefit.


Flippa asks…

“I’ve just been sorting through a load of computer stuff I copied from my ex. I have just come across a file there is no way he knew was on that disc – it’s a Speed Seduction Course. I feel really weird about this. Firstly I should be flattered he wanted to seduce me in the first place but secondly I feel affronted that he couldn’t be natural and had to use ‘a system’ to get there. I have no idea whether the had this before we met or whether it was something he wanted to try and it’s totally blown me away. Was the relationship fake from the start? Should I be angry? Just another hurdle at the end of the relationship I suppose.”


Hey Flippa…

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  1. Tim says:

    Hey David,

    Not related to this post but I’m wondering if you have any advice for a tall, skinny Asian guy with soft voice, feminized/boyish facial structure (think Asian pop idol-kind of look)? Despite being in my late 20s I still look like I’m 15 or even younger, and even though I’m a confident and social guy, many times I can’t help but feel that my looks is hurting my chances with women, especially those of my age.

    The funny thing is, my behaviour/mindset is probably more masculine/manly than most Asian guys that I know of, and that helps offset my feminine looks a bit, though I am far from having great fundamentals.

    I have no problem attracting younger Asian girls but with white girls the difficulty is significantly higher. With my youthful looks I’m often not being taken seriously in both professional and social settings until I have “impressed” them with my confident demeanour (usually a well-delivered speech/insightful advice). People usually think of me as a “cute boy” rather than a “sexy man”, which makes it harder to attract more “mature” women (who are around my age).

    I’ve started working out but being extremely skinny that’s going to take months, if not years. Meanwhile, any advice is greatly appreciated!

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