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Dating Coach David Tian, Ph.D., Interviews Singapore Alumnus Lion: Inside the Players’ Lounge, Episode 4, Part 2

So begins the Q&A part of the interview. In this interview, Dr. David Tian chats with alumnus Lion, who first got coaching from David as an 18 yo., was raised and educated in elite settings in Singapore, went on to become director of multiple branches of a multinational financial firm, and is now taking his […]

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Singapore Dating Coach David Tian, Ph.D., Interviews Alumnus Lion: Inside the Players’ Lounge, Episode 4, Part 1

Inside the Players’ Lounge, Episode 4, Part 1: Interview with Lion This episode touches on a favorite topic of mine: That the qualities that many Asians mistakenly take to be “Asian thought” or “Asian culture” or “Asian philosophy” are actually not at all what elite Asians throughout history have believed or how they have behaved. […]

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Asian Dating Coach in Singapore Interviewed by SK-II Men’s Skincare Brand

One of the world’s most high-end beauty brands, SK-II approached me for an interview on my thoughts about their new skincare line for men. I’ve got to say, I’ve tried a lot of different products, and their men’s line is the highest quality I’ve ever used. It will probably be sold at high price point, […]

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Sheiryn Aisiqa and Lifestyle Travel Tips

Some superficial readers (mostly hailing from one of the moralistic and conservative Asian sub-cultures–I won’t name names here but you probably know who you are) assume that I live a lifestyle of one-night stands, threesomes, orgies, boozing, snorting coke off a stripper’s butt, and lord knows what other sinful activity. While at some point in […]

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Happy New Year from Aura Dating Academy and Dr. David Tian!

The year 2011 ended in a whirlwind for me with tons of special seminars, workshops, and extra off-the-hook crazy fun events at the Aura Dating Academy, as well as plenty of travel around California, Las Vegas, Thailand, Florida, and Canada. Welcome to 2012! The post is a little late for the regular new year but […]

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