Feature article in the Shin Min Daily News

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas!

A while back, the Shin Min Daily News, the most respected Chinese newspaper in Singapore, ran a feature on me. They used that “30 girls in 2 months” headline, which I totally detest, but I guess that’s what grabs people’s attention. Ironic.

So for you Chinese readers, here it is:


  1. Johnny says:

    Dude, you kick ass! You’ve got DHVs oozing out of your pores!

  2. Formerly Doubter says:

    Damn. As I just started to wonder if half of the PUA blogs on the net are created by keyboard jockeys, this popped up. You da man.

  3. Susan says:

    Hilarious the way you guys are all, “I swear, I hate it when people use the ’30 Girls in 2 Months’ headline!”

    And I’m not sure what DHVs are, but most things that ooze from pores are a little icky. I’ll ask Jonathan. I need to bone up on my pickup parlance.

    Great pic!

  4. asianrake says:

    Haha, you have no idea how powerful the conservatives are here in Singapore. They make the redneck Bush lovers seem like free-loving hippies, lol.

    So… where’s that blog of yours?…

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