A Personal Note to Faithful Blog Readers

Ever since my story entered the mainstream press in Singapore, major changes have occurred to this blog.

One really great change is that I finally got a real website. Another development is the production of the Dating 101 product, about which I’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback. We’re quite pleased with the result, actually. Look out for some more, really great products coming out in the next few months!

On the other hand, certain social pressures from going mainstream have resulted in a high degree of self-censorship. Plus, I’ve just been too busy writing for other venues (newspaper and other online news sites) to complete the unfinished blog articles.

I started the blog as a way of sharing my passion for social dynamics and women and the insights I’ve garnered from my experiences. However, believe it or not, I’ve actually found myself compromising my own values for job security and social approval.

For the next month, I’ve got to tie up loose ends before embarking in a new direction, one that my faithful blog readers from many moons back will appreciate.

In the meantime, here’s a little treat.

So to those of you accustomed to hard hitting, honest, genuine, authentic, frank, no holds barred reports and articles, come back to check this site soon. The old Asian Rake will be returning with a vengeance.

Peace and love, Dr. Asian Rake.

Back off on Kino with Asian Girls

My latest article for Amped Asia: Check it out here.

In case the link doesn’t work, use this: http://www.ampedasia.com/article/Asian-Men-Physical-Flirting-with-Asian-Women/

I really did put quite a lot of thought into this one and tried to keep it as succinct as possible.

Peace and love, Dr. Asian Rake.

As you think, so shall you become

“As you think, so shall you become.” –Bruce Lee

That’s a mantra for me in changing myself dramatically over the past couple of years. It’s really the secret to phenomenally rapid and lasting transformation.

Let me introduce you to an article that says has some powerful insights into this topic.

This post isn’t meant as an excuse for being delinquent on updating the blog. Rather than a substantial blog post once a week, I’m now writing a two-page weekly column for a national newspaper, an even longer weekly column for www.ampedasia.com, the planning and production of various exciting products soon to be released, and my academic work, which is kicking into high gear this year. Never fear, though. The new blog articles will be coming, slowly but surely :-)

Today, I’m directing you to one of the very few blogs of which I am a regular reader

Owen (“Tyler Durden” is his old handle) was a caricatured character in Neil Strauss’s “The Game.” Insiders know that Neil needed a foil for his main characters, and TD proved to be an easy target. It forced Owen into retreat and to reconsider his approach to women and life. Since then, his company, Real Social Dynamics, has put out a lot of products whose teachings supersede and contravene RSD’s earlier methods.

Sometimes they go too far to the extreme, especially in their techniques for manipulating one’s emotional state, but it’s a welcome corrective to the rest of the trends in the industry.

Here is an excellent blog article by Owen.

Here’s to a kick-ass weekend!

Dr. Asian Rake

Quick Update

As you probably noticed, a lot of changes have been happening here recently :-)

I was featured on the front page and given a 3-page spread in the Sunday edition of Singapore’s The New Paper about a month ago. TNP is the second-largest circulation paper in Singapore. And I was invited to contribute a regular, weekly column on dating. You can find my back articles under the category heading, The New Paper Column.

I conceptualized and created Dating 101.

We got a new website and new design.

And now I’m writing for Amped Asia.

Plus, I’ve been spending A LOT more time on my day job than I was a year ago.

I just want my blog readers to know that I realize I’ve been writing for other contexts and that I will return to them shortly. I’ve been writing up an LR (field report of a successful interaction), which should be up soon. As well, I’ve got lots of theory and tech posts to write up soon. So check back in a few days!

Peace and love, Dr. Asian Rake.

Amped Asia Column

Just as I’m starting to get a handle on writing for the mainstream press here in Singapore, I start another weekly column for the nitty-gritty pop culture press of (mainly) America. Check out my first column in Amped Asia.

For now I’m on the front page, but eventually this will be archived, so find it here: http://www.ampedasia.com/article/Asian-Men-Start-Your-Social-Mastery/