Social Skills Matter More Than Ever

I found this great article on how important social skills are in determining career success these days. I usually don’t link to blog posts that are two years old, but there are quite a few other interesting posts on this particular blog.

Plus, I’ve noticed that an alarmingly high number of 20-something Singaporeans, Koreans, and Chinese are stuck in the sort of mindset you would’ve found in 1980s America, in which young people are herded into “safe” professions, thinking that job security and the deferred life plan (as Timothy Ferriss so aptly put it) are paramount. Banking, law, medicine. But with the recent crash on Wall Street, even finance is no longer safe. Um, unless you’re truly passionate about your work, c’mon, take a frickin’ break.

Be lost for a little while. Try new things. Try those crazy adventurous things you’ve always wanted to do but are just waiting until “the time is right.” I’ll tell you what: The time is never “just right.”

So few actually take the time to think about what makes life meaningful. Don’t get caught up in the hedonic treadmill!

Actually take a look at the decades of psychological research on happiness. I’m still shocked at how people know so little about happiness studies, and how ignorant we can be about our greatest goals in life.

Here’s the article.

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I hope it vindicates the social arts as useful, relevant, and even necessary to success in life beyond just being good with women.

And here’s another interesting article.

Peace and love, The Asian Rake.

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