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Upgrades and Airport Club Lounges

So my flight’s delayed. I have a bit of time to spare now. That’s as good an excuse as any to write two entries in one day. The cutie behind the counter at the Beijing International Airport got me an upgrade. And I didn’t even have to use an upgrade voucher. The social arts pay […]

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The Forbidden City to the Lion City

Had an action-packed week and a half here in Beijing. As everyone in China is gearing up for the week-long October National Day Holiday, I’m leaving town for home. It’ll be the first time I’m returning to Singapore as “home.” Feels nice actually. I had a super pleasant Singapore Airlines flight to Beijing with a […]

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Social Skills Matter More Than Ever

I found this great article on how important social skills are in determining career success these days. I usually don’t link to blog posts that are two years old, but there are quite a few other interesting posts on this particular blog. Plus, I’ve noticed that an alarmingly high number of 20-something Singaporeans, Koreans, and […]

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Welcome to the New Site!

You might have noticed that is finally being redirected here. So here’s a warm welcome to all the readers from! The first thing you’ll want to do is to sign up for the mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time. I’ll be sending out the substantial posts, like the longer theory and […]

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The New Column on Dating Advice

So my first weekly column in the Sunday edition of Singapore’s The New Paper came out. They’re still using that goofy photo. All the girls I’ve asked about that photo, though, said I looked cute, so maybe I don’t appreciate my looks enough, lol. Here’s the unedited version. I actually have two columns with a […]

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Singapore Pick Up Weirdo and Lairs…

I guess when you stand up, you’ll get noticed, and others will try to chop you down. For those who don’t know, there are online forums of random guys who share tips and thoughts on getting better with women. These forums are called “lairs.” There are at least three lairs in Singapore alone. These lairs […]

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Hot off the press! I’ve been outed ;-)

Here it is. The first time my face is being associated with my handle in public. Update: I’ve just received a cease and desist order from Singapore Press Holdings for my photographed images of this article. They want me to take down the jpegs. Talk about beating up on the little guy. At least it […]

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