Life Coaching, Anthony Robbins, and How to Get Girls (My Interview with Dating Skills Review)

You might have noticed a shift in the content that I’ve been putting out over the past few years. It’s been an enjoyable process of growth, progress, and evolution to go beyond just a narrow interest in pleasure and women.  And naturally, that has led to a change in my own research interests, coaching, and teaching.

I wasn’t sure if it would be as appealing to my readers as the “dating and girls” stuff, but my private coaching clients and live events attendees and members have loved it. And more importantly, I’ve seen tremendous acceleration in transformation among my clients ever since I started introducing this new, more holistic approach to “lifestyle change.”

One part of this new journey has been learning from veteran life coaches and peak performance strategists like Anthony Robbins, who’s been coaching about as long as I’ve been alive! I read his books several years ago and thought they were good (if a bit long and unwieldy). But it wasn’t until I was dragged to one of his live events did I appreciate the power (literally) of what he teaches.

I recently attended his Unleash the Power Within event in London with a couple friends, including Angel Donovan of “Dating Skills Review.” He interviewed me about the program and my thoughts on how this kind of coaching can skyrocket your success with women, being social, and life!

Check it out here:

>>>Anthony Robbins’s Coaching and How It Helps You Be Great With Women: An Interview with David Tian<<<

Not only is it packed full of lessons, it’s also a lot of fun! We had fun recording it, and we hope you’ll enjoy the training in it.



How to Create Attraction–The Right Way (Podcast Interview)

I just did this intense podcast interview with Alec Chase over at Men’s Dating Mastery.

In this interview, some of the points we cover include how neuroscience can help your sex life, how to cultivate emotional strength, how to express yourself honestly, solutions to the challenges faced by Asian men dating in the West, and…a wild story I’ve never revealed about hanging out with the Chinese mafia. You definitely won’t want to miss this.

Check it out here:

>>>Dr. David Tian Interview with Men’s Dating Mastery< <<



“The Secret Scientific Findings About Sex, Love, and Female Desire That Society Doesn’t Want You To Know” — My Capstone Lecture at SMU

After catching up and discussing ongoing research with Professor Norm Li at the Singapore Management University (SMU) for most of the afternoon, I gave a talk to the graduating class of SMU at their Capstone Seminars. I chose the deliberately eye-catching title: “The Secret Scientific Findings About Sex, Love, and Female Desire That Society Doesn’t Want You To Know”

And then I had to rush off to the airport to catch my flight. But I delayed an extra half hour because the audience questions were so stimulating!

Here are a few snapshots of my talk:




Looking forward next month to delivering my next series of university lectures and seminars around the world!

Mark Manson Interview with David Tian at Aura Dating Academy – “Inside the Players’ Lounge”

The latest interview in the “Inside the Players’ Lounge” series is with my good friend, Mark Manson, who has written some of the very BEST analyses of relationships and mating psychology. Many of his articles have gone seriously viral… and for very good reason.

Just some of the things you’ll learn in this video include:

+ Why learning “pick up” will actually make you worse with women in the long run… and how you can actually make this work FOR you!

+ The MOST IMPORTANT principle in male-female attraction is: “A man’s attractiveness is inversely proportional to his neediness.” What the heck does this mean, and how can this help you get girls without any effort? Watch this video to find out.

+ Getting really hot girls, threesomes, and sex … Getting these can actually make you WORSE with women if you do it the wrong way. Watch this video to find out the right way.

Ok, enough bullets. Just watch the interview. It can change your life:

(Note: We only had one lapel mic that day, so I put it on Mark… which is why he sounds louder in the recording.)

Here is a link to the BEST ebook on relationships and getting better with women. Get it NOW. You will not regret it. You can thank me later.

You shouldn’t even need to think about it. Seriously. It’s that good. Just get it NOW:

Models by Mark Manson

This is THE BEST book you can get on how to become naturally attractive to women.

It changed my life.

If you’re an intelligent man, it will change yours, too.

Get it here:

Models by Mark Manson

Do yourself a favor. Get it done. Get it handled.


The Most Natural Way to Attract Amazing Women

Here’s a recent video interview I did with Myke Macapinlac.

Some of the topics we cover in this interview include

  • How to attract wonderful women naturally and effortlessly
  • What to say when approaching women during the daytime or at night in bars or clubs
  • How to dress to attract girls
  • How to get girls to chase you
  • The secret behind always being “on” so that you can meet amazing women anywhere, any time.

Check it out here…


The Manifesto: How to Become a Sexually Attractive Asian Man – Independent (Part 6/6)

A key step in developing that irresistibly sexy aura that comes from independence is by conditioning yourself to be comfortable in solitude.

Spend some quiet time alone, even if you are an extrovert. You can go to a crowded Starbucks, but be alone to reflect on your life.

Take some time out by yourself to reflect on what you really want in life and to just be with your thoughts.

In all of the busy-ness of modern life, especially if you live in a big city, you need to have this time to live as a fully actualised, fully empowered man.

Feeling confident in your own *physical* independence is also very important.

On the most basic level this means that…

Click here to read the rest of the final article Independence.

The Manifesto: How to Become a Sexually Attractive Asian Man – Independent (Part 5)

Opening yourself up to risk and the possibility of being hurt is an important step in reclaiming your masculine power. You cannot be strong if you’re living with a closed heart. It’s very weak to close up and not allow people into your life just because it puts you in a vulnerable situation. Too many guys get shot down once or twice and then they close up out of fear that it will happen again.

Remember, it requires power and masculinity to live with the risk of rejection and to live with a hurting heart. But masculine strength is all about getting back up after you’ve been hit and to keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.

Let’s look at an example…

To read the rest of this dating article on Independence and Becoming a Sexually Attractive Asian Man, click here.

Was the whole relationship FAKED?

Just got this amazingly well-written and lucid email from my friend, Michael Fiore (click here to learn more about what he offers.)

It is so good, in fact, that I’m compelled to reproduce it here for your benefit.


Flippa asks…

“I’ve just been sorting through a load of computer stuff I copied from my ex. I have just come across a file there is no way he knew was on that disc – it’s a Speed Seduction Course. I feel really weird about this. Firstly I should be flattered he wanted to seduce me in the first place but secondly I feel affronted that he couldn’t be natural and had to use ‘a system’ to get there. I have no idea whether the had this before we met or whether it was something he wanted to try and it’s totally blown me away. Was the relationship fake from the start? Should I be angry? Just another hurdle at the end of the relationship I suppose.”


Hey Flippa…

Click here to read the rest of this amazing dating article.

The Manifesto: How to Become a Sexually Attractive Asian Man–Independent (Part 4)

Too many people settle in life, spending their lives doing only what is expected of them.

Most of society settles into a routine in their mid-twenties. And that routine does not change for the next forty years.

It’s deadening.

It will suck your life force dry and women will see it.

No woman wants to be with a man who lacks a purpose. No woman wants to be with a man who is settling for life – unless she is a lesser woman herself.

Attractive young women who have a lot of options can afford to be picky.

Now a guy who is settling in life might be happy with a girl who is settling and they can settle for mediocrity together. If you like mediocre women then continuing to be mediocre is probably a good bet.

But if you want to experience life to the fullest…

Click here to read the rest of this article on How to Become a Sexually Attractive Man: Independence, Part 4.

Interview About The Desire System On Dating Skills Review

Check out this brand new interview with Angel Donovan at Dating Skills Review on the lessons in The Desire System video course, especially emotional contagion.

Scientific research clearly demonstrates the potential power our emotions have over others. It shows that emotions can indeed be contagious.

In this interview, we explore this theme, some of the academic research, and how you can put the results of this scientific research into practice to use your emotions to succeed with women.

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn about:

  • The dangers and anti-climax of a long seduction or build up before having sex with a girl, especially when it ends up you both ending up in bed very late at night.
  • The proportion of female friends that can help you develop your Rake character.
  • How to balance your Rake feminine side with your masculine through investment of your time in manly activities.
  • A strange Chinese historical story that illustrates some of the advanced mechanics of being a Rake.
  • Where David disagrees with how Robert Greene looks at the obsessive personality of the Rake.
  • The mechanics and a process for taking control of your emotions.
  • What exactly is ‘being confident’? How do you actually create confidence and project confidence in the right way? (Not arrogance or bravado).
  • How to build your own self-reliance and confidence though the experiences you pursue in life and David’s story of a recent self-reliance building experience he had.
  • David Tian’s top 3 recommendations for men to act on to get results with women as fast as possible.

Check out the interview here:

Dating Skills Review Interview with David Tian Asian Rake on the Desire System